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Sacred Space Founders

Sue Davis & Darrell Whiteside

Susan Davis

Susan has practiced yoga at a variety of gyms and yoga studios for more than ten years and is elated that yoga found her. Her practice has changed her life and healed her physically, emotionally, mentally and soulfully.


She became inspired to teach yoga when she realized what a tremendous positive influence it had while transitioning through her own personal life challenges. It made such a difference in her transformation that she wanted to share the joy she experienced and help others get centered and heal their lives.


Susan earned her 200 hour yoga certification at Edge Yoga School in May 2019 and is currently enrolled in studying her 500 hour yoga instructor certification at Jiva Patha School of Conscious Yoga. She is a member of Yoga Alliance and has taught yoga classes at three local yoga studios and a local gym

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Darrell Whiteside

I began to walk on a serious path to physical fitness in 1990. I trained and became a Certified Aerobics Instructor. After pondering the journey I was on, I became inspired to seek a deeper spiritual experience and began studying the concept of Holistic Living.


After earning a Masters of Art Degree in Pastoral Ministries I found it was difficult to balance both my desire to be physically fit and spiritually healthy at the same time. Being dedicated to both, I felt an inner struggle to focus on one or the other.


In 2010 I began practicing yoga which led me to mindful meditation. In 2016 I completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program and earned a Yoga Teacher Certificate at Jiva Patha School of Conscious Yoga. I am currently enrolled in a 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Jiva Patha School which will certify me as a 500 hour Yoga Teacher.


I am now happy to say that I practice a spiritually based physical fitness program and I no longer feel an inner struggle as both paths have joined together.


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